The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Writing a Resume

Think of your resume like a story – your story, in fact. It is the tale of your professional experience and work ethic. You want that story to be good, as it conveys your potential value to a hiring team or prospective employer.

A professional, polished resume opens the doors to possibilities. However, that resume also needs to convey your personality so it stands out from the rest of the stack. Writing a resume isn’t always easy. Everything from content to layout matters, so you want to make sure you get it right. Here are four tips to help write a resume that will land that next interview:

Use Key Phrases

What kinds of words are important to employers in your industry? Do you need solid communication skills or effective leadership abilities? Some employers are starving for organized workers who are good at research, planning and critical thinking. Almost every company we’re encountered at Pascoe Workforce Solutions seeks out candidates with a variety of technological experience and strong interpersonal skills. Make sure to highlight those key terms on your resume to show a potential employer how they can rely on your expertise.

Use Action Words

If you want to propel your resume to the top of the pile, you’re going to need it to hit hard. Action words don’t just tell the hiring manager what you can do; they show it. Action words build excitement and momentum. You didn’t just passively produce at your last job; you were an innovator. You improved the workplace and motivated others. Words like guide, generate, design, resolve and oversee are all action words that demonstrate your talent.

Be Clean and Uncluttered

Sure, a flowery header might get noticed, but it might also cast doubt on your judgment. Go for a clean, uncluttered layout that lets your experience speak for itself. Don’t go too far with decorative text or large font; it’s actually better to stick with the standards. Your resume will get read, no matter what. But it’s the content that will need to impress.

Give Examples of Teamwork and Leadership

Ever industry needs leaders and team players; even better when you can get both in one candidate. In your job duties and responsibilities details, be sure to mention your ability to collaborate successfully, and situations where you led the job site or the workforce. Even volunteer opportunities are a great place to show that you are a leader who works with others to build a stronger community.

As you consider the new opportunities in your employment future, remember you don’t have to do it alone. Pascoe Workforce Solutions can be your path to a new temporary employment experience or the permanent job of your dreams. Contact one of the top staffing agencies in Springfield MA and we’ll get a plan in place that boosts your productivity and profits.