Hiring a Supervisor? Top Traits to Look For in Light Industrial Supervisor Positions

When you work with industrial workers and skilled technicians, you have to use a variety of management techniques. To be in charge, and more importantly, in control, of this group, you must simultaneously be “one of the guys” and the one in charge. Industrial managers need to be firm and tough, but understanding. In order to be most effective, they have to know what it’s like to be in their crew’s shoes.

When you’re looking for a new light industrial supervisor, hiring teams must have a handle on the best leadership traits for this field. It’s a complicated role to have, and only the most talented workers can usually pull it off. At Pascoe Workforce Solutions, we’ve had our share of successes with clients looking for new leadership. We’ve hammered out five of the top traits you should look for when trying to fill an industrial management job.

5 Top Traits to look for in light industrial supervisor positions


  • They know the job: Not only are they talented at doing the job, but they understand why they are doing it. Their skill sets go beyond just the task at hand. They understand the details of the job and specifics about the company so well that they can explain it to anyone.
  • They are flexible: Do you need someone to work a Saturday? They always volunteer. When a co-worker is falling behind on a task, this employee jumps on board even if it’s not really in their job description. Flexibility means reliability. A worker with this quality shows the needs of the job are a top priority.
  • They are a part of the team: Employees with leadership potential join in meetings, talk with co-workers and show an interest in contributing to long-term projects. Being a part of the team means they are a good fit both professionally and personally, which is essential for employees in supervisor roles.
  • They act with professionalism and safety: There are many regulations across all industries that companies must follow to avoid fines. By always being safe on a job site and professional in the office, you know this employee can represent your company’s mission and value.

Are you looking for new strategies to build your team? Do you have opportunities for management, supervisors or team leads? Pascoe Workforce Solutions can help bring strong, reliable employees who can address your staffing needs for jobs near Springfield MA or in other locations. Whether you need a new leader on your team or are looking to replace a worker who moved up, we can help. Contact us today and connect with our pool of talented, pre-screened candidates.