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Reach your business goals by partnering with Pascoe Workforce Solutions. We’re a leading staffing agency in Springfield, MA, and Hartford, CT, with more than a decade of recruiting expertise in the region. Our tailored recruiting and staffing strategies allow us to identify, attract, and deliver proven talent – including leaders, managers, and front-line workers – who will hit the ground running and make an immediate impact on your business.   

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Our Services

Pascoe Workforce Solutions is proud to offer a variety of staffing services to meet your organization’s needs.

Get experienced temporary help that is screened precisely to your specifications to reduce costs and cover talent shortages. 

  • Complete short- or long-term projects. 
  • Manage vacations, medical leave, or family leave. 
  • Adapt to busy periods. 


Assess a Pascoe employee on the job before extending an offer of full-time employment.  

  • Reduce the risk of a bad hire. 
  • Use the trial period to determine if the fit is right. 

Pascoe Workforce Solutions will attract, secure, and interview highly talented individuals for your business, presenting only the best candidates for you to evaluate. You’ll owe nothing until you hire the candidate we provide. 

  • Shorten time-to-hire and get access to talent fast.  
  • Lower cost-to-hire. 
  • Reduce hiring risks.  

Focus on completing core tasks and meeting business goals – place the temporary employees of your choice on our payroll and let us handle the paperwork.  

  • Reduce the administrative burden on your staff. 
  • Let us take care of cutting checks, taxes, employment paperwork, and more.  

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