Get Your Cover Letter Noticed by Being Clear and Concise

Whether you’re an administrative assistant, a network administrator or a light industrial worker, there is a lot of job competition out there. When employers post a job opening, their inboxes are flooded with hundreds of applications in a day. When they look at your resume, do they get a true sense of who you are? If not, you’re just a list of prior employers and experience. That’s where the cover letter comes in. A clear and concise cover letter helps you stand out from the noise and make an impact that lands an interview.

Be clear with your goals

Let your cover letter be the place where you clearly state your career goals and show your excitement for this opportunity. Be sure to explain why you believe you are a good match for this company, not just now, but also in the future. Take the time to check out the company’s mission statement and use a few of their keywords to express your professional goals. For example, if you’re a machinist applying for a position with a plant that prides itself on rare safety issues, be sure to play up your experience with safety procedures.

Be concise with your experience

Your resume will highlight the experience and skills you have, but your cover letter is the place where you can explain how you have applied these skills. Give a concise, but specific, example of how you helped a company excel. For instance, if you’re an admin professional with a knack for crisis communications, give an example of how you helped prevent a client meltdown. Any promotions you received or leadership roles you took on can be touched upon here, too.

Be clear that you are a solution

If you want to be the number one candidate, you’ve got to show them you are more than an employee, you are a solution. Be clear about how you’ve achieved proven results – exceeding quotas, meeting deadlines or balancing budgets. Explain how you are the go-to person when things need to get done. Be very clear about how your skill set can boost productivity and profits. You will need to show the hiring manager that bringing you in can help resolve challenges and issues they struggle with every day.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve applied for a position you love, but never hear a response?

You’re not alone.

On average, employers can get up to 800 resumes a day for an opening. As a candidate, you have more than the minimum qualifications, but aren’t over qualified for the job. You have the education, the certifications and the experience. That’s why the cover letter is key. This is your opportunity to grab the hiring manager’s attention. Fluffy words and lengthy prose won’t do the trick. You need to show them that you’re the right fit, right away.

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