Have You Identified the Qualities High Performers Need in Your Company?

Any business owner in any industry will tell you – job responsibilities, for both temporary workers and permanent employees, are becoming more skilled and more complex. Your top performers need to have strong communication skills, experience working with diverse teams and able to manage high-tech software.

Your employees need to have the skills that will boost your company’s bottom line. High performers often keep other workers productive, which means their skills can influence other employee skills. When looking to identify the qualities high performers need, be sure to look for candidates that encompass these essential skills.

  • Teamwork: Every company has layers, and being able to collaborate with those in positions both above and below is essential to boosting productivity. Being part of a team helps generate faster quotas, creates safer work environments and keeps other departments organized and on time.
  • Communication: In many work places, employees on all levels intermingle. Manufacturing workers are no longer isolated on an assembly line and administrative assistants are not chained to a desk. At some companies, entire departments are intermixed, which means you need a candidate who will be able to communicate with people in different positions. Communicating with a diverse workforce will help your company improve its employee retention and boost its bottom line.
  • Multitask: These days both temporary and permanent employees must wear many hats. A shift leader with strong soft skills can inspire and support the staff to take on unexpected assignments or step up when another employee calls out sick. Effective multitaskers are expected to think quickly and critically, staying organized and managing time effectively.
  • Adaptability: The only constant in today’s workforce is change. Technology changes, strategies change and the economy changes. Employees must be able to handle all of these changes both professionally and personally. Look for candidates who are able to demonstrate that they can think on their feet, assess problems and develop solutions in potentially chaotic moments.
  • Organization: Whether you’re hiring an administrative professional or a light industrial worker, you need to seek out a candidate who will keep the workspace free and organized. Think about the valuable time that could be wasted looking for files or tools – how much does it all add up to? Being more organized helps save time and money.

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