Making Safety a Priority Will Have a Company-Wide Impact

Safety practices can impact more than employee health. Safety can also significantly impact your company’s bottom line. Whether you have new hires, temporary labor or employees who’ve been around for years, when everyone is on board with workforce safety, the entire company feels a positive shift.

When you look at the costs associated with safety issues, can you really afford to slack off on your safety practices? If your management doesn’t emphasize safety, then your employees stop paying attention to detail. They lose a sense of responsibility for safety in their work and for the safety of their co-workers. However, when you make safety a priority, you’ll see an increase and improvement in other areas, as well.

Safety Improves Productivity

The entire production line in an industrial company can slow to a halt for days or even weeks just because of one injury. This money loss sometimes doesn’t even compare to paying for medical bills, hiring new employees and, possibly, paying hefty federal fines. It takes planning and dedication to identify the challenges and create awareness of hazards on a site. Inspiring your workers to stay on top of hazard identification and cleanup will ensure that your production line keeps moving forward.

Safety Strengthens Teams

When your workers hold each other accountable for safety practices, they learn how to work better as a team. Placing responsibility with them will empower them to think of safety first. Pair up employees who have a history of disregarding safety practices with others who make them a priority. Having your employees interact with each other will not only boost safety, but also communication, interpersonal skills and collaboration. This can boost job satisfaction and improve overall morale. Remember happy workers are more productive workers. To really emphasize the feeling of a team, kick the day off with a football-like huddle that inspires and encourages your workers to stay up-to-date on safety measures.

Safety Boosts Knowledge

Providing additional training for safety techniques and safe use of equipment will reduce the risk of onsite injury, as well as provide professional development. The more knowledge your workers have, the less likely an accident will occur. Plus, they become more valuable to your company. They become a utilitarian worker, one who can comfortable and successfully work in multiple departments with a variety of specialties. In addition, create an open door policy that allows them to offer safety suggestions, along with report violations without fear for repercussions.

Celebrate Safety, Celebrate Employees

By celebrating safety milestones, you’re showing that you value your employees’ lives. Go a month without an injury and reward your employees with a catered lunch. You’ll be amazed at how much more efficient and effective your employees become when they feel that their work is valued higher than profits. They will work harder to make you proud and longer to make the company a success.

Safety is a top concern in every industry. That’s why Pascoe Workforce Solutions only places experienced, responsible workers with our clients. We know that safety is your top concern; that’s why it is also one of ours. Worry less; contact us today to find skilled, safety-first laborers who fit your needs.