Spring Cleaning Your Job Search Strategy

Sometimes, we open our doors and opportunity is standing there, and sometimes we have to go out and hunt for it. For many job seekers, searching for the right employment opportunity can take more hunting than planned. When the job search stalls out, you may feel as if your whole life, not just your career, has derailed. That’s when it’s time for a shift in perspective.

It’s time to clean out the stale job-hunting tactics that aren’t producing results, and spring forward with refreshed vigor. Giving your job search strategy a good “spring cleaning” can help you feel excited about being a job seeker and give you the motivation you need to land the job of your dreams. As one of the top staffing agencies in Massachusetts and Connecticut, the experienced recruiters at Pascoe Workforce Solutions know how things work behind the HR scenes, and we’re going to share with you four proven tips to boost your current job search.

Don’t just focus on custom cover letters — target every resume you send out.

Let’s be honest; there is a reason your resume isn’t making it to the top of the applicant pile. Maybe you are applying for reach positions, jobs that you might not be entirely qualified for. But chances are you are qualified, you just aren’t presenting yourself in the best light. You need to make your application stand out from the rest. Check out the company’s mission statement and insert their keywords into your resume and cover letter. Update your skills to emphasize those listed in the job description. Get their attention by being the best match.

Sell yourself not as an employee, but as a solution

You know that you excel at safety and exceeding production quotas. Maybe you’re a machinist with experience on a variety of complex types of equipment. Do a little research on the company you’re applying to, so you can find out their major challenges. Then reach out to them, promoting yourself not only as a qualified employee, but as a solution to this issue. Show them how you can help them achieve their goals.

Reconnect with your network

Remember Bob from the HR department at your last manufacturing job? Where is he now? What about the men and women you met during your Class A certification training? Make time in your job search for networking. Give them a call or shoot them a message on social media. Find out what opportunities they have caught wind of and ask them to keep your name in mind if anything new comes up. If your network is small, consider expanding it through LinkedIn or a staffing firm.

Widen your approaches

You don’t have to go at this alone. Job consultants, employment coaches and staffing agencies are all great resources to help you land your next job. These qualified professionals can help you with resume writing, interviewing and, most importantly, making connections. Because of their tight client relationships, staffing firms have access to hidden opportunities.

Spring cleaning isn’t an action; it’s an attitude. It’s not just for improving the quality of closets and garages, but also improving the quality of your life. Partnering with Pascoe Workforce Solutions can open doors to positions at some of the best companies in New England. We treat you like a person, getting to know your individual skills, talents and goals so that we can find the absolute best place for you. Whether you want a contract, contingent or a direct placement, we can help jumpstart your job search and get your future started. Contact us today to partner with one of the top employment agencies in Springfield MA.