Job Search With Social Media

We’re living in the age of the smartphone and social networking sites. While many individuals are using these technologies for their personal entertainment, the trend is moving to where social media is growing more popular for professional purposes.

This is very important for job seekers to keep in mind, especially as many recruiters, including us at Pascoe Workforce Solutions, are taking to social media to find the perfect candidate for each of our openings. Follow our advice, and finding a job could be as easy as refreshing your news-feed!

Utilize LinkedIn to the Fullest

LinkedIn is one of the most well-known professional networks. Over 79% of recruiters, including us here at Pascoe, have found candidates using LinkedIn, and the number is expected to grow.

Be sure to network with anyone from your professional network, from classmates, to coworkers, or members of associations you are involved in. Make yourself as visible as possible. Follow groups, INfluencers, and companies that post content related to your professional interests and goals. For instant updates and job opportunities, connect with Pascoe Workforce Solutions on LinkedIn.

Job Search on Twitter

With only 140 characters per Tweet, it’s hard to believe that Twitter is useful for finding a job, however it’s easier than you may think – and is going to become even more common this year.

Follow Twitter accounts known for tweeting and retweeting jobs, such as job boards, or job agencies such as Pascoe Workforce Solutions. Recruiters or agencies will use popular hashtags such as #job, #jobsearch or #employment to promote their jobs in the search feature, and this will allow you to easily find opportunities. Job seekers can also search a specific job title and location to find results via Twitter’s advanced internal search engine. Along with utilizing the search feature, follow companies you’d like to work for in hopes you may see a job posted that would fit your career goals.

Clean Up Your Online Image

Despite the belief of there being a work-life separation, when you post content on social media you’re not only representing yourself but any company you currently or could potentially work for. More than half of employers who research candidates have stated they would not hire an individual who posts questionable content on their social media profiles. It’s in your best interest to clean up any content that could jeopardize your chances of being extended a job offer, such as: instances of alcohol/illegal substances, negative statuses about your current or former employer, and inappropriate photographs.

In addition to LinkedIn and Twitter, connect with Pascoe Workforce Solutions on Facebook, and Google+ for job postings, information on the current state of employment, and advice on how to streamline your job search. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your next career move.