Conquer Your Skills Assessment Test

When you’re a job candidate, chances are you won’t have information on the other job seekers you’re competing with. In today’s job market, it’s safe to say you probably aren’t the only potential employee a company has its eye on. This is why you need to prove that you’re the best.

Many employers have one common way to weed out the weak candidates from the strong – skills assessment tests. These tests can be incredibly useful to employers, especially when they’re going back and forth between multiple candidates who all might fit in with the office culture. However, this process can also be incredibly nerve-racking to candidates. You’ve already been through the application process, possibly several rounds of interviews, and now a test.

In order to perform your best, it’s imperative to remain calm and confident. Even though there are a variety of skills assessment exam formats, job seekers can still utilize several proven strategies to conquer the assessments and land the job of their dreams.

Give the Best Answer

Multiple choice tests are meant to trick you. Sometimes it seems like every answer is a possible solution. Remember, the test is trying to assess your knowledge of the best answer, the one that best solves the problem or addresses the situation. Keep that in mind if you’re having a difficult time deciding between possible answers – while each answer may seem correct, only one is the best fit for the question at hand.

Eliminate Distractions

In order to nail the skills assessment test, you need to be able to focus on the questions and how to answer them. No matter where you take the test, make sure the area is clean, clear and free of clutter. Put the electronics away too; if your phone keeps ringing or music gets louder, you may have difficulty reading and understanding the questions. All it takes is one outside distraction to negatively alter your state of mind for the entire test.

Know what Skill is Being Tested

Skill assessments typically only measure one skill at a time, which is why you may be asked to take multiple different tests for one position. Depending on the job, you could be tested on anything from mechanical ability to various computer skills. Some tests assess the qualities that help employees excel in customer service, while others address soft skills like communication, critical thinking and personality. Understanding the type of test you’ll be required to take will help you prepare and be ready for the type of questions you may be asked.

Take Advantage of Your Resources

Partnering with an employment agency for access to jobs hiring in your area can help you jump over any hurdles that might stand between you and your career. No matter the type of employment you’re searching for, a staffing firm can open doors to opportunities you never knew where there. Pascoe Workforce Solutions helps job seekers land jobs by preparing them for interviews and skills assessment tests before the big interview. If you’re ready to make a career move, then you’re ready to give us a call or fill out our contact form.