5 Questions to Ask in Your Next Professional Job Interview

Many job candidates feel a wave of anxiety before they step into an interview room. Candidates interviewing for professional positions often undergo a rigorous, multi-step interview process. The number one goal of an employer is to see if candidates are a good overall fit for the job, even if the process can be intimidating.

When you go in for an interview, you’ll be asked a variety of questions. Usually as the interview wraps up, you will be given an opportunity to ask your own questions. Even if you feel like you’ve been put on the spot, this is your last chance to impress your interviewer. By asking the right questions, you can demonstrate your talents, commitments, and knowledge about the organization. After all, it’s enthusiasm, along with your professionalism and interest that will turn the right heads in your direction.

At Pascoe Workforce, we’ve had our share of job seekers ask for advice on how to ace their interviews. We’ve outlined five questions you should be asking during the interview process to show an employer why hiring you is the right decision for their organization.

Question #1: What is the office culture like?

Getting an understanding of the office culture will help you determine if you will fit in. You’ll understand how the company values work-life balance, interpersonal interaction and professional goals. You should avoid asking specific questions about hours or benefits, but instead focus on the ways the company culture supports individual employee success.

Question #2: What are your company’s most important achievements?

This question will give you a little more detail about the company’s priorities, and what role you would play in aiding the organization to reach their goals. Listen carefully to what situations the managers deem as “successes.” These are the gems that represent the company’s goals, values and growth.

Question #3: Who is the ideal candidate for this position?

Often the hiring team considers the ideal candidate as someone who fits in both personally and professionally. Asking this question gives you a glimpse of their expectations for the position. By giving the company a chance to paint a picture of their ideal employee, you can play up your strengths that put you in that category.

Question #4: Do you offer professional development?

Answers to this question can show job seekers if there is room for growth and opportunities for advancement. If the candidate is interviewing for a temporary position, the answer can convey any possibility for a permanent job offer. Many candidates rank training and professional development as the number one way to find deeper job satisfaction. Generally a company that values skill building their employees, also values them as people.

Question #5: What is a typical day like for an employee in this position?

The answer to this question will open your eyes to both the major responsibilities and the daily tasks for this job. It will outline the company’s preferred work hours, as well as what tasks you will need to accomplish to be successful at the job.

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