4 Ways to Establish and Showcase Company Culture

The word ‘culture’ may have a broad meaning, however in the workplace it’s something HR professionals and executives should keep on their radar. A company culture encompasses many aspects of the organization, but primarily addresses the work environment and the values of individuals employed at the company. While many company cultures may be similar, it is unlikely that any two organizations share the exact same culture, even when looking at branches of the same parent company.

Company culture is consistently growing more important to job seekers as well as current employees. Employees are weighing company culture just as, if not more, important than compensation when evaluating what attracts them to a job. While not every company can, or should, adapt Google’s innovative culture, Pascoe Workforce offers advice on how to devise and showcase your unique company culture.

Evaluate Your Work Environment

Work environment tends to change depending on the sector of your organization. If your company values data and accuracy, the work environment will likely have a more no-nonsense mindset than creative industries. In the situation where your company has potentially hazardous work conditions, it’s also important to have firm rules in place for employees, as well as warning signs up for visitors unfamiliar with the expectations and rules. Maybe your office has a unique break room, or the fun sometimes spills over into the office – don’t be afraid to let it be known.

Define Expectations of Your Organization

Do you strive for a highly collaborative workplace? Or are you driven by numbers? Maybe you’re proud to be a local business, or your company is in the process of expanding globally. Outlining what is important to your company in terms of growth and results outright in your mission statement or an “about us” webpage helps to define your organization. Having this information readily available will let job seekers know if their goals and ambitions will match with those of your company.

Highlight Activities Outside of the Office

These days it’s not uncommon for employees to gather outside of the workplace. Do your employees participate in any team building activities together, such as a team sport? Do employees attend trainings or industry seminars? What about various social gatherings such as holiday parties or company picnics? Take the opportunity to post these on your website and social media accounts. Illustrate camaraderie in the workplace and show a potential employee why they would want to join your team.

Establish Values and Give Back

Millennials, the group taking over the workforce, are highly concerned about the reputation of potential employers. The concern is at the level where many young adults won’t even consider working for a company with a bad reputation. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is measured by how a company gives back by involving itself with causes or charities, as well as whether or not a company makes good on their promises in general. Organizations should take heed of CSR and do everything in their power to maintain a good image.

Philanthropic companies benefit from the reputation boost that comes with giving back. If your company isn’t involved with a cause, find one that aligns with your corporate values so your employees can get excited about it too. Participating in a local walk for charity, or donating your time or resources to a group in need will aid in boosting your reputation. However, it is imperative to be sincere in your efforts.


While company culture related information may come up in an interview, having it readily available online can cipher out those who know they won’t be a match for your organization, saving both their time and yours. Every company is different, which is why it is important to find the right culture fit for your organization. The main goal of Pascoe Workforce Solutions is to match the right candidate to the right position. Contact us today for assistance with any of your staffing needs.