How to Handle Your Company in 2015

Even though the popular saying may be “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” sometimes it’s imperative that your company looks forward and at least considers embracing change. If your current strategy of how to bring awareness to your company looks the same in 2015 as did in 2005, or worse 1995, you’re going about it all wrong.

The world is embracing change at a faster rate than ever – it took the smartphone less time to catch on than the television – and with mobility everywhere, your company could be hurting if you aren’t keeping your efforts up to date. As millennials begin to take over the workplace and become major consumers, it’s important ensure your marketing efforts are reaching them. Pascoe Workforce Solutions is here with advice on how to properly handle your company in 2015 with the ever-changing outreach landscape.

Develop an Exclusive App

If you’ve been around a smartphone owner, you’ve probably heard them talking about apps before. If your business offers a product or service to direct consumers, by not having an easy access application you’re missing out on an opportunity to have an exclusive source to your company without risk of ads from competitors. Offer an incentive or exclusive content for those who download the app. Create an easy to use interface, and include things like mobile pay, coupons, a mobile store, and account information directly on the app so it becomes the go-to place for your customers.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

If your website is not considered mobile friendly, chances are you won’t get much traffic, even on a desktop. As more individuals access the web via their smartphone, Google has taken mobile-friendliness into account when it comes to their Google Search Rankings. If your site doesn’t measure up and meet standards, it can negatively affect your place on search engines. Not only will your search rankings suffer, but mobile users will have a negative experience and thus discourage multiple page views and re-visits.

Not sure if your website is mobile friendly? Type your web address in to Google’s mobile-test service, and find out quickly if your site is mobile ready.

Embrace Social Media

According to Social Hire, one of the best ways to attract qualified job seekers is to have a strong and well-regarded social media presence. Not only will an established social media presence attract potential employees, but it will allow your company to engage current and potential customers or partners. Not to mention you have the opportunity to expand your reach globally if that’s what you aim to do.

Enable your social media pages for reviews and comments by visitors, customers and current employees to show you’re an open organization. Most importantly, post interesting content to encourage interaction with those that connect with your brand on various social media platforms. It is important for individuals to build a relationship with your brand, and in today’s age the easiest, and most cost-effective, way to do so is through social media presence.


We’re living in a digital world, and your company should be no exception. Whether you’re a multi-national company or a local mom and pop shop, taking the extra time to bring your company’s engagement strategy into the 21st Century could be the difference in making or breaking it. Pascoe Workforce Solutions aims provide the tools to help your business succeed. Contact us today if your company is in need of any of our employment services.