How To Keep Good Light Industrial Workers From Leaving

High turn over can not only cost your company productivity, it can cost you profits, as well. In a manufacturing operation, high turn over can be even more costly, because it causes a ripple effect, impacting productivity at all levels. That’s why it is so important to identify your best workers and develop strategies to retain them.

When a good employee leaves, where do you think he or she goes? Probably right into the hands of one of your competitors. All of that skill and industry knowledge goes straight into the pocketbook of another company. So, retaining your best light industrial employees isn’t just about avoid a costly hiring process, it’s also about keeping your company at the top of the ladder.

The best way to develop a retention strategy is to take a step back and honestly examine the work environment in order to learn how to keep their best employees from leaving for new opportunities. At Pascoe Workforce Solutions, we’ve helped many companies in Springfield, MA, and Hartford, CT, successfully work on employment issues such as retention. Here are five tips that we used to get the best results, which not only keep your best workers in your dugout, but can also attract new talent.

4 Ways to Improve Industrial Employee Retention

Employee Recognition

When your crew succeeds, let them know. From an informal thank you or pat on the back to formal employee recognition events, everyone does a better job when they feel appreciated. Create an annual workers banquet, give out extra vacation days when quotas are exceeded or offer incentives for safe practiced on the job. No matter how small or big the recognition, your light industrial workers will have more motivation if they see how much you value their work.

On-the-job Training

Good, hard workers need to be challenged in order to find fulfillment in their work. They need to be stimulated by new tasks, specialized training and opportunities for growth. If you don’t give your best light industrial workers the chance to advance, they will go find it somewhere else. You can keep them satisfied and productive by providing group sessions on safety and developing new skills, placing them in leadership roles and encouraging them to advance their skills through education and certifications. Plus, their newfound knowledge can solve workplace issues and their additional training can boost the efficiency of your production process.

Full and Well-Trained Staff

If your employees are overwhelmed, everything could fall apart. Their stress and fatigue can not only impact their performance at work, but also the safety of the entire workplace. Making sure they have the support they need to do their job to the best of their ability is essential to retention. Overworked and underpaid employees don’t stick around, especially not the good ones. During peak seasons or times of high volume, consider bringing in contingent and contract workers to help unburden your staff.

Better Benefits Packages

Believe it or not, many employees, including skilled tradesmen and industrial workers, look for more than a paycheck. Evaluate the other ways you compensate your employees and see if there are any improvements that can be made. Can you spare a few more vacation days? Are there better health insurance options out there? Can you make more of an effort to help them improve their work-life balance? Poll your crew and see what benefits they feel they lack, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Partnering with a staffing firm can also help you learn what the most successful leaders in your industry are doing to improve employee benefits.

Are you losing good workers? Do you want to help  your employees manage their workload? Whatever your particular staffing needs are, Pascoe Workforce Solutions can help you fill them.  Whether you are looking for contract workers or permanent placement for warehouse employees, contact us today and we’ll get you started on a path to successful employee retention.