4 Questions To Ask HR In An Interview

Many job candidates feel a wave of anxiety just before they step into a room filled with human resource managers. If you’ve ever completed a screening interview, then you know just how sterile and stressful those encounters can be. HR is often the gatekeeper for the department heads you really want to impress. But, to get to that coveted interview, you’ve got to nail that first impression right here.

Human resource professionals are here to filter candidates so that only the best make it through to the ultimate decision-makers. There are certain questions job seekers need to be sure to ask the HR team during an interview, especially if you want to show your enthusiasm for the job and the company. It’s this enthusiasm, along with your professionalism, knowledge and interest that will rocket your resume to the top of the group.

Question #1: Can you tell me about the workplace environment?

Getting an understanding of the workplace culture will help you see how you will fit in. You’ll get an idea of the values supported by the company you’re interviewing with. You should avoid asking specific questions about hours or benefits, but instead steer the conversation toward the ways the office culture supports individual employee success.

Question #2: What are your company’s greatest successes?

This will give you a little more detail about the history of the company, as well as insight to the path ahead. Listen carefully to what situations the HR managers deem as “successes.” These are the gems that represent the company’s goals, values and growth.

Question #3: What is your idea of the ideal candidate?

Often, the hiring team considers the ideal candidate someone who fits in both personally and professionally. They are looking to find a worker who has experience that best matches the opening and also shows long-term commitment. Painting a picture of their ideal allows you to play up the strengths that put you in that category.

Question #4: How do you see this position impacting the overall success of the company?

Answers to this question can show job seekers what the expectations for their role will be, as well as reveal any opportunities for advancement. If the candidate is interviewing for a temporary position, this question can also convey any possibility for a permanent job. Candidates can see how they fit into the big picture and understand how their responsibilities fit into the overall company vision and mission.

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