10 Interview Questions Every Candidate Should Ask

When you sit down for an interview, the hiring team’s number one priority is to see if you’re a good fit for the job, their team and their company. The interview is your moment to shine, to demonstrate your talents and commitments. However, you can’t just wing it; it takes preparation to stand out from other candidates. You’ll be asked a variety of questions and, usually as the conversation wraps up, will be given an opportunity to ask a few of your own. Here are 10 questions every candidate can ask to show they are invested and excited about this employment opportunity.

#10: Can you tell me about your workplace environment?

Getting an understanding of the company’s culture will give you insight into the type of conditions and colleagues you’ll be working with. This answer will also show you how much value management places on employee satisfaction. You’ll get an idea of their values, expectations, and flexibility, which is especially important to know if you’re a temporary or contract worker.

#9: What is your company’s greatest success?

This will give you a little more detail about the company’s history, as well as insight about their goals for the future. Listen carefully to what they consider an achievement. This will show you what the company considers important.

#8: How does this position impact the overall success of the company?

This answer reveals where the hiring team views the candidate in relation to the larger mission of the company. Just because you are a temporary or contingent employee doesn’t mean your role isn’t important. If this is a temp-to-hire or direct hire job, then the response can hint toward promotion opportunities.

#7: Do you provide access to professional development?

Whether you’re a machinist looking to advance to a higher class, an administrative assistant ready for access to technology or an experienced leader up for more responsibility, on-the-job training is a sign that when you commit to this company, they also commit to you.

#6: How did you handle safety concerns and issues on the job?

Manufacturing and light industry workers take safety very seriously. How a company emphasizes preventing and preparing for safety concerns says a lot about how they value their employees. You have the right to know if a company is more reactive than proactive.

#5: What is your idea of the ideal candidate?

Often, the hiring team considers the ideal candidate someone who fits in both personally and professionally. They are looking to find a worker who has experience that best matches the opening and also shows long-term commitment. Painting a picture of their ideal helps you understand their expectations, and also allows you to play up the strengths that put you in that category.

#4: How does the company conduct performance reviews?

In order to be promoted or terminated, a company needs to have documentation of employee performance. Look for a company that has a system in place for providing feedback, with an emphasis on helping you grow professionally and personally.

#3 What are the biggest challenges facing this company? How do you see them being overcome?

You don’t want to get hired on just to have a warehouse or job site shut down a few months later. As a potential employee, you need an understanding of how this company fares with the competition. This way you can not only plan ahead, but you can also discover how your individual strengths can help the company grow.

#2 Can you tell me “something specific” about this company?

Of course, you won’t use the words “something specific.” You will need to do your research, discovering a specific piece of news or information about the company or its mission that you’d like explained. This shows you’re interested in the organization, not just the job.

#1 What is the next step in the hiring process?

In order to keep your sanity, you need to know how they breakdown their hiring process. Get an idea of how long they plan on taking to make a decision, so you know how to proceed with your own job search.

The key to a successful interview? Be yourself.

You are going to be nervous, but it is important to be yourself. Putting forth a professional version of your genuine self shows that you are confident and helps you stand out from other applicants, especially the ones giving those over-rehearsed, robotic answers.


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