Traits to Look for in Administrative Professionals

Chances are your business either currently has or is in need of an administrative professional. Whether you’re looking for someone to greet visitors, answer the phones, help with various bookkeeping, or record keeping – these administrative duties should be taken care of by a professional, instead of taking time out of your already busy day. By hiring an administrative professional, you’re freeing up your time to do what it is you’re best at, whatever it may be.

If you’ve decided to create a new role for an administrative professional, or are looking to fill a vacancy, chances are many resumes will start blending in to each other. However, it’s imperative that your business properly assess its needs and determine exactly what role the individual will play in your company prior to interviewing, let alone hiring, the individual.

Once you’ve reached the interview process, you want to be sure to make the best decision for your company. That’s why the employment professionals at Pascoe Workforce Solutions are here to discuss traits you should be looking for in administrative professionals.

Organization and Time Management

Regardless of the type of administrative professional your firm may be seeking, organization is a key trait you should be on the lookout for. If you’re looking for someone to help file information or keep records, it is important for this individual to have a sense of organization so any information can be pulled up at a moment’s notice and everything is kept orderly. Even for administrative professionals acting in a receptionist/greeter role, it’s important they are aware of company procedures for signing visitors into the building so proper records can be kept.

Administrative professionals should also have exceptional time management skills. As with any job, your admin will have certain tasks that must be completed each day, and will sometimes be bouncing back and forth between different projects. Choosing an admin with time management skills will ensure everything is completed accurately by the deadline.

Communication Skills and Professionalism

Chances are your administrative professional will be interacting with not only office staff, but visitors and prospective business partners as well. Your business would benefit by hiring an individual with great communication skills. Being able to adapt verbal and written communication accordingly is a trait to look for, as well as being sure your hire can communicate effectively in general.

If your administrative professional is going to be a point of contact for your business, as well as looking for solid communication skills, you want an individual who always demonstrates professionalism. Look for a person that is presentable, friendly, and is able to handle high stress situations while remaining calm. Not to mention, an individual sitting at the front desk generally acts as the face of your organization, so it’s important they represent your company appropriately as you see fit.

Industry Knowledge and Experience

Your administrative professionals are a part of your business, and as such, coming in with an understanding of how your business and industry works will be a big advantage. If you run a law firm, your office personnel will be completing different tasks than a medical billing clerk would. Each industry has their own policies, procedures and terminology. Hiring an individual with knowledge in your field will catch on quicker, and could possibly even provide new insight to your company.

However, this is not to say to automatically pass on an individual with experience from a different industry. Depending on how imperative your need is, it’s possible to train an individual you feel is otherwise a good fit. But if your opening is urgent or you need help with only one special project, choosing someone who has worked in a similar role before will be beneficial to your company.

Microsoft Office Expertise

Some businesses may be moving towards cloud based services, but basic to extended use of Microsoft Office can be transferred to most cloud based programs, including Google Docs. Knowing how to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint are all important for administrative professionals. These individuals may need to type letters or reports, create spreadsheets or presentations, or perform basic data entry – all of which are tasks that are completed in Microsoft Office Suite.

If your office also uses Microsoft Outlook for e-mails and meeting scheduling, try to look for a professional wit knowledge of the platform so they can jump right in to helping you set up your schedule and sending e-mails. Microsoft Publisher, while not always included in Office Suite, is also a great program should you wish your professional to create flyers, brochures or other promotional materials.


Choosing the right administrative professional for your business is important. Ensuring your new employee has these qualities will help your business run more effectively. Even with this helpful guide, it can still be tricky to find the right fit, and that’s where the staffing professionals at Pascoe Workforce can help you. Contact us today so we can help you with your staffing needs.