Benefits of Summer Jobs and Internships

School’s out, and you’re probably excited about having some more time to yourself to catch up on your favorite shows, hang out with friends, and enjoy the summer. While you’ll have a great time relaxing all summer, the time off from your studies also presents a perfect opportunity for professional development and advancement.

Plenty of summer jobs and internships are available for students looking to make some extra cash, develop skills, or make connections in their field(s) of interest. The employment professionals at Pascoe Workforce Solutions discuss the benefits of trading a swimsuit for a business suit, and taking on a summer job or internship.

Take on a Summer Job

Many companies have job openings pop up during the summer for seasonal work, special projects, or vacation coverage for some essential personnel. These opportunities are perfect for individuals who only want temporary work. Companies with summer openings will sometimes post months earlier than the start date to ensure the opening is filled, and others will realize they need a hire with little notice; so it’s important to be consistent when looking on job boards (such as our own), and to network with family, friends and other contacts to find out about any upcoming openings at companies of interest.

Summer jobs can help build soft skills such as communication, organization, and even time management that most jobs will require in the future. Even if you’re not enthused about working as a cashier, you’ll be interacting with customers and handling payments, which are both transferable skills to other industries. Working as a babysitter builds leadership skills, organizational skills, as well as multi-tasking skills. It’s important to evaluate what soft skills you will gain within the position you choose.

If you choose to accept a summer job, there’s also a chance that the company will ask you back during other busy times in their industry as well, if you perform well enough. Efficient workers who ensure to keep in touch could end up with future employment opportunities, be it temporary or full time in the future. Or in the case larger businesses, management may see if you’re interested in working at another location and help you set up an interview and act as a reference.

Complete an Internship

Summer can also be the perfect opportunity to pick up an internship in your professional field. If your university is very isolated, or your field of study is very specialized, it can be difficult to find an internship with a reasonable commute. Even those in their last years of high school can consider internships or apprenticeships. During vacation months, you have the opportunity to work full days without worrying about being on campus in time for your courses or needing to set aside time to complete assignments. Being able to work full days also allows you to get an idea of what a true day on the job is like.

Generally internships will be unpaid and require college credit; however the experience you get from them can be extremely valuable. Internships help get your foot in the door of a company, and if you wow your manager, it’s possible they offer to extend your internship or offer you a full time position upon graduation. Internships are also a great way to network with professionals in your desired industry or profession.

Internships are especially useful to college students as they introduce their major in a real world setting. While working an internship, the intern learns about the average day on the job, responsibilities associated with the position, as well as how to apply their course of study in a professional role. Internships are also great for fine tuning skills, and learning more about various industries. Many colleges suggest completing at least 1, and depending on your major it may be required. However, if you’re able to complete more, consider it as you’ll have a leg up on the competition when you enter the workforce. However, be sure to plan early, both to make sure you’re considered for your most ideal roles, as well as can receive approval from your school, if necessary.


There are many reasons to choose professional development in the form of summer jobs and internships over hanging out by the pool all summer. Everyone loves a vacation, but taking the opportunity to bulk up your resume to prepare yourself for your job hunt will be more beneficial to you moving forward. If you’re seeking seasonal employment this summer, contact us at Pascoe Workforce Solutions, and we’ll work to find a great opportunity for you!