The Importance of Trainings

As a company, your main goal should be to evolve. Evolving involves hiring inspired employees that care about more than just their paycheck. These employees typically will want to give their all and contribute to the growth of not only your company, but themselves as well. The best companies invest in the future of their employees, especially if an organization would expect an employee to invest in the company for an extended period of time. One way you can show an employee you care about their professional growth is to offer trainings to them.

“Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were” – David Rockefeller

web-seminar-in-sofia-1258784-640x480 Trainings are a great way to keep employees engaged, and to show them you want them to prosper in their roles. Both parties benefit when an employee learns more about their job and how to work more efficiently. As it stands, most employees (70%) feel uninspired and disengaged at work. This leads to hours of unproductive work – which can cost your company millions. Not to mention employees may be considering moving on, or some already have.

This is why it’s hard not to make a case for company supported training. You can choose to support your employees by offering either in-house or external training opportunities.

In-House Trainings

One way to provide training to your employees is through on-the-job methods of training. Typically new employees will receive training during the first few weeks, or months, at their job. However, employees that have been at your company for an extended period of time surely could benefit from training sessions to provide updates in their field. It’s not a bad idea to provide annual or semi-annual trainings at minimum to keep everyone on the same page and aware of any information that could help employees perform their job more effectively.

At Pascoe Workforce, we have regular staff trainings so we can keep abreast on the latest news and trends to help us better serve our clients and candidates. Sometimes our staff will develop trainings to share, or we may utilize an external source such as a webinar, training company, or professional speaker/instructor.

Holding in-house trainings is a great way to get the team together and on the same page. Holding trainings during the typical work day also guarantees attendance and participation.

External Trainings

External trainings and educational experiences are also a possibility. We previously discussed how education can help employees take the next step in their careers. Some of the methods discussed include taking individual courses or returning to school to obtain a certification or an advanced degree. If it is feasible for your company, consider offering tuition reimbursement for employees who choose to take courses after hours.

Other external training could include attending seminars and/or conferences or joining professional organizations. These gatherings are also a great way for your employees to network, perhaps gather leads, or even recruit potential new employees to your company. Attending conferences or joining professional networks provides the opportunity for your employee to promote your business. While the cost of attendance or membership varies, consider subsidizing the costs for your employees to get involved, learn more about their industries, and make connections.

Hosting a company training after work hours, such as a team building exercise (possibly built into a fun activity such as trivia or a team sport) is also a great way to give back to your employees, while not taking up time during the work day.


Showing your employees that you value them and want to invest in their futures will benefit your company in the long run. Happy employees are less likely to leave your company and will produce better quality work. Consider implementing training programs to build a rapport with employees and set your company up for a successful future.