Are You Making the Most of LinkedIn?

We can’t get enough of LinkedIn at Pascoe Workforce Solutions! Between updating our company page daily, having 100% staff participation on the social platform, and making new connections every day, the platform is definitely useful to our business and our individual employees. With everything LinkedIn has going for it, the social network is beneficial to your professional life, whether you’re an entry level professional or a seasoned vet in your career.

That brings us to ask: are you making the most of LinkedIn? Having a profile on the platform is a good start, however LinkedIn is much more than just an online resume. That’s why Pascoe Workforce Solutions has decided to delve into exactly how LinkedIn can benefit your professional life.


We cannot stress enough how vital networking is to every professional. If you’re seeking a job, your network can either introduce you to positions you were unaware of, or you can connect with the individual recruiting for the position to help

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you stand out from the competition. If you’re in business-to-business marketing, recruiting, or sales, LinkedIn is a great tool to help find points of contacts and/or prospects. LinkedIn can also aid in collaborations, business arrangements, or finding a mentor/mentee.

Your professional network can make or break you when you’re just starting out, in between jobs, or even play certain roles within organizations. LinkedIn is the professional network, with over 350 million users, so not participating in or barely utilizing the platform can only hinder your potential.


Share and Learn Industry Information

One of the main purposes of LinkedIn is to build your professional brand. One way to do so is to read articles related to your current industry or interests. LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to find content, and you can also find great content by joining groups.

An outstanding way to make an impact on LinkedIn – no matter your end goal – is to share content. This can be in the form of sharing content you find on LinkedIn through your home page, Pulse, on an external website, or even creating original content. Creating original content, almost similar to a blog post, is a great way to share your industry knowledge and begin working your way to be an industry leader that everyone wants to connect with.

Professional Profile

LinkedIn may not only be an online resume platform, but having an ‘All Star’ profile is imperative if you want higher levels of exposure and reach. The more information you list on your profile, the more likely you are to be found in a search.

When filling out your profile, also consider that despite being a professional social network, LinkedIn is still a social network – meaning that you can let your personality show a bit. Try to maintain your voice you’re creating your headline, summary, and even when listing your experience. What gives LinkedIn an edge over a paper resume is that you’re also able to upload examples of your work. If you have a project you’re very proud of, consider uploading it to highlight your skills and accomplishments. However, be sure that you are allowed to use the item in your portfolio if the examples were created while on the job.

Note that LinkedIn has a function to allow your profile updates be shown to your network and followers – this can be a great feature when wanting to show activity on the platform and update your experience.

Job Search

One very important and useful tool LinkedIn has is a job search engine. Many companies will upload their available jobs to LinkedIn, and you can sometimes use your profile to apply along with a resume/cover letter attachment. LinkedIn Job Search works similarly to any other job engine where you can search in the area of your choice, as well as indicate what industries and job functions you are most interested in – and many other search filters. If you opt to pay for LinkedIn Premium, you can even filter results by salary to only show jobs within your target salary range.

The LinkedIn Job Search feature is completely private, meaning you don’t need to worry about looking for a new job if you feel you need to keep your search confidential. Another great LinkedIn feature is the ability to receive jobs you may be interested in directly to your e-mail account on file. LinkedIn has also released a new Job Search App, so you can search for jobs on the go on your smartphone.

Sometimes companies, such as our own, promote our open jobs on the company page. So by following your dream company, or any other company you may be interested in working for, you may be able to find out about an opportunity by having it pop right up on your LinkedIn Home Page.Not to mention, recruiters, such as ourselves at Pascoe Workforce, love LinkedIn and will use it to search for candidates to match our open positions. This can be great whether you’re actively seeking a job or are currently employed and are open to new opportunities.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for anybody, and by leveraging your usage of the platform you can open up more opportunities for yourself. By utilizing these tips, you can move in the right direction whether you are searching for a new job or want to take your current job to the next level.


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