Why You Need to Build Company Culture (and Top Ways to Do It This Fall!)

Have you ever found yourself staring at a stack of applications, wondering why your employees keep leaving? You’re not alone; from office managers to warehouse supervisors, business leaders in every industry have been there at least once. There are many reasons for high turnover, but one of the most common is often the most overlooked – company culture.

Company culture encompasses the values of your organization, the way you treat employees, the way you expect them to behave at work and a balance between discipline and freedom. For many workers, burnout or job dissatisfaction occurs when they don’t feel valued, when there is too much pressure and when stress levels are skyrocketing. Reevaluating your company culture could bring those levels down, while boosting morale and productivity.

Top Ways to Build Company Culture This Fall

Employee Recognition

When asked about starting an employee recognition program, many employers claim they just don’t have the time. We understand that most managers and business owners live with tightly packed schedules. By recognizing their achievements in both a formal and informal fashion, your employees’ motivation will increase and fuel their drive for success, both for themselves and the company. Fall has some great opportunities for employee recognition – start an annual company picnic, host a holiday banquet or give out gift cards for coffee, tea or hot chocolate – which employees love during the chillier months.

Flexible Office Rules

Who says accounting has to happen exclusively between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.? Some workers are more productive in the morning, while others shine best in the afternoons. Employees are more productive when they work for companies that give them the freedom they need to work at the times that work best for them. Offering a variety of shifts and access to technology can give these workers the flexibility they need to be productive, especially when it means they can pick up their kids from school. Creating telecommuting opportunities can boost productivity by reducing sick time off. Allowing employees to dress casually, but still professionally, can eliminate issues with posture injury, as well as allow them to be more comfortable during the cooler months.

Professional Development

One of the best ways to improve company culture is to give your workers opportunities to grow as professionals. Don’t just train once and be done, but show your employees you value them by investing in them. Offer regular workshops and training sessions, and flexible hours for those who want to go back to school or earn new certifications. Weekly safety sessions will not only help your engineering and manufacturing employees create a safer workplace, but also learn how to prevent accidents before they happen. Developing interpersonal skills can transform your office into a place less reliant on gossip or cutthroat dealings. Sessions on developing technological skills can help boost productivity, while giving your employees and your company a more competitive edge.

Many studies show that new employees decide whether or not to stay onboard within the first six months. So when one of your hourly workers quits, without notice, right as your most organized legal assistant goes on vacation, remember you don’t have to deal with this alone. Partnering with a staffing firm like Pascoe Workforce Solutions can save you time and money by finding you the best candidate and maximizing their skills with a strategic company culture. Contact one of our hiring managers today to gain access to a vast network of qualified, skilled and trained employees for jobs in Springfield MA or Hartford CT.