How To Stand Out In An Interview For A Light Industrial Job

As one of the top staffing agencies in manufacturing, technology and engineering, the recruiters at Pascoe Solutions understand both sides of the hiring process. We have a client pool brimming with companies looking for qualified permanent or temporary employees ready to get to work in a light industry setting. This insider knowledge is incredibly helpful for our job seekers, as well. Since we know what employers want in successful workers, we can help our candidates find the right place and make a good first impression.

When you sit down for an interview, the hiring team’s number one priority is to see if you’re a good fit for the job, their team and their company. You’ll be asked a variety of questions and, usually as the conversation wraps up, will be given an opportunity to ask a few of your own. The interview is your moment to shine, to demonstrate your talents and commitments. However, you can’t just wing it; it takes preparation to stand out from other candidates. Here are a few tips:

Ask This, Not That

Don’t ask: How many hours will I be working? Instead ask: What is a typical workday like?

Asking about hours implies that you are looking for a job with minimal work. This question will make your potential employer wonder if you are as hard working as you say you are. Instead, asking about a typical workday will give you a clear understanding of routine tasks and daily responsibilities, along with typical hours and break times.

Don’t ask: Will I have to work nights and weekends? Instead ask: What are the available shifts?

The question about nights and weekends gives the impression that your concern for the company stops the moment you clock out. Rephrasing the question will open the door for your potential employer to give you an idea what they currently need, as well what opportunities may be opening up soon.

Don’t ask: What does your company do? Instead ask: What are your organization’s greatest successes?

Asking that question leads the hiring team to believe that you are just looking for some income until something better comes along. Instead, find out about their proudest moments. This will give you insight into the company’s mission and vision, as well as the any safety milestones they have recently achieved.

Don’t ask: When can I start taking vacation? Instead: Wait and discuss benefits and salary with HR or when you’ve been offered the position.

Avoid bringing up salary, benefits and vacation during the interview. If you are firm in salary and benefits, that information is best given upfront, such as squarely written in your cover letter. If you are flexible about pay grade, that negotiation can wait until you are offered the position.

Everyone’s heard the age-old adage: You can’t make a second first impression. In some ways, this piece of grandfatherly advice is true, but we also know that there is much more to a successful interview than that first impression. In order to stand out from the other candidates, you must look, act and think like you are the best candidate. Looking for a new career? You don’t have to go at it alone. Let Pascoe Solutions help you prepare for your job search. Give us a call today and we’ll help you find a job you’ll love.