5 Tips for To Moving Into A Management Position In Accounting

Accountants are the behind-the-scenes movers and shakers in the business world. They are often stereotyped as number crunchers, but accountants are for far more than human calculators. Whether in permanent or temporary positions, they constantly have to interpret financial data to help companies make critical business decisions. From data analysis to strategic planning, they have an influence in almost all departments. Over time, this experience can propel accountants up the chain of command, making them some of the best candidates for open management positions.

Are you looking to move up in your accounting career? Check out these five areas you can focus on to help accelerate your advancement.

Become Licensed or Certified

Many companies require additional training, degrees or certifications before promoting accountants into senior positions and management roles. Talk with your supervisor and find out the additional education requirements you need to meet in order to be considered for advancement. Many accountants need to earn their CPA license, an advanced degree in finance or an MBA before they’re considered for a management position.

Polish Communication Skills

Accountants generate the information that helps executives make decisions about the future of a company.  They don’t just supply this information; they also help interpret it. By enhancing your communication skills, accountants can play a more substantial role in the decision-making process. This will add loads of experience to your resume and establish your reputation as an essential team member. That kind of experience and influence can open doors to management roles.

Volunteer for Leadership Opportunities

In order to move into management, you need to show you can manage – both projects and people. Whether you’re taking the lead on a new client account or have volunteered to work on a committee that enhances office culture, succeeding in project-based leadership roles shows you’re ready for a permanent supervisory spot.

Collaborate with Other Departments

Management, no matter the department, will always have to work with other departments. The better they get along, the more harmonious and productive the entire company will function. For accountants, collaborating means more than just sharing projects; it means listening to various ideas and supporting the group’s success. Through collaboration, you can prove you work well with others and display your commitment to the company’s needs and goals.

Get Face Time with Partners

If those who make the decisions have no idea who you are, how can you ever get promoted? Attend company events, sit in on meetings, hand-deliver files and start discussions over important decisions with those in senior and partner positions. Show that you can hold your own at their level and you could top the list of candidates for the next open position.

After you’ve been working in the accounting industry for 3-5 years, you might feel it’s the right time to move up in your career. At Pascoe Workforce Solutions, we have more than a decade of experience giving job seekers just like you advancement opportunities. Moving into management won’t just change your profession; it will change your life. Contact us today and we can connect you with some of the industry’s best employers.