How a Staffing Firm Works for You

As a candidate either looking actively for a job or passively open to new opportunities, one of the best career moves you can make is partnering with a staffing firm.

NetworkYou may be the most qualified candidate for your dream job, but as most job seekers know, your network is your strongest asset in the job search. Staffing firms, like ourselves – Pascoe Workforce Solutions – are made up of recruiters with hundreds, or even thousands, of professional connections.

Having connections with connections can only be beneficial to you in your search for a job. Whether you’re looking for a short assignment or to take your career to the next level, here’s how a staffing firm works for you.

Access to Amazing Opportunities

Many of the most prestigious companies throughout the United States, and world, work with staffing firms to help fill positions. Sometimes these positions are even open to staffing firms prior to the the public. That means, if you’re working with a staffing firm, you have opportunities that others may not even know exist.

It’s also possible that you’re not ready to enter the workforce full time, you want some additional experience to put on your resume, or you’re looking to change careers. Many local companies seek out part time or temporary help, and generally these positions are recruited through staffing firms.

Your Own Personal Advocate

When you work with a staffing firm, you also have a personal advocate working with you in your favor. Remember the prestigious companies we previously mentioned? When a position opens at the most renowned companies, you end up competing with hundreds of other applicants for the same job. In these cases, resumes are likely reviewed in less than 10 seconds.

However, a staffing firm working with the company is able to make it past the applicant tracking system that could weed out your resume because of a few missing key words. Staffing managers from recruitment firms meet with companies to determine their needs, and send along candidates who are a good fit. Staffing firms taking more time to learn about you as a candidate beyond the resume, and can promote you beyond what your resume can do. Staffing managers are able to get your resume in the right hands while showing off your strongest qualities as to why you’d be the best fit for the job.

Reduce the Stress of a Job Search

As opportunities are presented to staffing firms, we are able to look through our candidate pool and determine which candidates would best fit. If your resume is on file, chances are you’re one of the first people contacted when a new potential fit pops up. When working with a staffing firm, the jobs sometimes come to you!

Yet, still be mindful that you should check in with your staffing manager from time to time. Generally, checking in once a week or every other week is a good rule of thumb to follow. That way, your recruiter will know you’re still seeking employment, and you are able to stay fresh in their mind should any opportunities be a good fit.


There are multiple ways that a staffing firm works for you. Reputable firms will never charge job seekers for utilizing our services, which is why the pros significantly outweigh any potential cons of working with a staffing firm. If you are ready to make a change in your career, contact us at Pascoe Workforce Solutions today!