3 Soft Skills That Make A Great Job Candidate

Ask any hiring manager and he or she will tell you – job responsibilities are becoming more and more complex. Administrative assistants need to be able to manage high-tech software, human resource managers need to understand marketing goals and network administrators need to be personable with the entire staff. This mix of technological and interpersonal… Read more »

5 Management Tips For Your Engineering Team

Some managers come up through the technical ranks, while others have been brought in because of their experience or education managing people and projects. Regardless of how you got here, here you are, and your job has two major priorities: getting the most out of your team and getting the project done right. When you… Read more »

4 Ways to Go from a “C” Machinist to a “B” Machinist

Your boss calls you into his office to thank you for applying for that position at the new plant, but they’re going to go with an outside hire with more experience. This isn’t the first time you’ve watched a promotion pass you by and you’re frustrated, rightfully so. You work hard, show up on time… Read more »

Pascoe Workforce Solutions Launches New Logo and New Website

Pascoe Workforce Solutions has completely reinvented their company with a contemporary new logo and modern, easy-to-use website launched at www.pascoeworkforcesolutions.com. Throughout Western Massachusetts, including Springfield, to Hartford, CT Pascoe Workforce Solutions specializes in providing exceptional candidates in information technology, accounting, legal, administrative and other professional careers with access to career-building positions with top notch area… Read more »