Why You Should Work With Us

It’s no secret that there are thousands of staffing agencies out there. Each company has the opportunity to work with any agency of their choice; however, consider partnering with Pascoe Workforce Solutions. There are multiple reasons why you should work with us, and we’ve outlined them here.

Pascoe Workforce Solutions is a full-service employment agency located in Springfield, MA. Despite our local roots in the Springfield and Hartford areas, Pascoe Workforce Solutions services clients on a national level. “We have a national footprint in the direct-hire market and have made placements across the country,” said Staffing Consultant Samantha Shrader.

Samantha, who has been with Pascoe Workforce since 2011, acknowledges what sets Pascoe apart from the rest. “Pascoe Workforce Solutions is a full service agency that is “owner operated” meaning less red tape and more results!” Recently, Samantha has recently placed a Senior Software Engineer, an IT Manager, as well as a Director of Supply Chain.

Collectively the staff at Pascoe Workforce Solutions have over 10 years of recruiting experience in various industries. Not only do we have extensive experience recruiting industry professionals, our staffing consultants have “real world” experience in the roles and industries we staff. Familiarity with industry expectations, terminology and procedures is beneficial to our recruiters when seeking the perfect candidate, as well as your company.

Richard Cahill, another one of our talented Staffing Consultants, agrees that industry knowledge and experience is what sets us apart from the competition. “We have the industry knowledge that allows us to sift out unqualified candidates and present only the cream of the crop,” says Rich. Some of Rich’s recent placements include a Mechanical Engineer for an Aerospace Company, and multiple CNC Machinists throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Our industry areas of expertise include: Engineering, Information Technology, Accounting/Finance, Administration, Legal and other Professional disciplines. We offer Temporary, Temp-to-Hire and Direct Placement services, as well as Payroll services. Pascoe Workforce fully vets each candidate, including reference and background checks, prior to presenting them to clients. We also perform drug screening as requested.

The goal of Pascoe Workforce Solutions is to develop long-lasting relationships with clients and continually prove why businesses choose to work with us.

“We are seeking partnerships not business arrangements,” said Samantha, and the rest of the office could not agree more. We aim to learn as much as possible about each of our partners and their employment needs in order to provide them with the best employees for their respective businesses. Pascoe Workforce partners with both large and small clients across the country, and provides a personalized and flexible service to each client. Because PWS is owner-operated, we are able to make all of our decisions in-house, in a timely manner. At Pascoe Workforce, we pride ourselves on our personable yet professional services.

Whether your company is looking for a short term temporary worker to cover a vacation, or a new salaried employee, Pascoe Workforce wants to find the perfect candidate. When your company chooses to work with us, we provide results. Contact us today for more information on how we can work together to accomplish your business goals.