Why You Should Hire Recent Graduates

Tis the season – the season of graduation. Most colleges across America will be graduating the Class of 2015 in the coming weeks, meaning there will be thousands of additions to the workforce, and thus your applicant pools. Even though more colleges are encouraging, or in some cases requiring, internships, many of these recent graduates may not have much, if any, experience in their desired field of employment. However, you may want to think twice before turning down a recent college graduate due to lack of real world experience.

According to an article by FirstJob, there are many reasons to hire recent graduates. FirstJob outlines five main reasons, including enthusiasm, multi-tasking skills, and their ability to navigate technology. However, the staffing professionals at Pascoe Workforce Solutions, can think of a few more reasons why you should hire recent graduates.

A New Perspective

Recent college grads are part of the millennial generation, which could explain why they are open to new methods of doing things. Those who have been in college in recent years are being exposed to new technology and problem solving methods that many Gen X and Baby Boomers possibly haven’t heard of, let alone have experience with.

While your company may have a ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ mentality, sometimes innovation is exactly what a stagnant business to reinvigorate itself, or what can give a business that extra push it needs to go above and beyond. It would be remiss not to take into consideration new suggestions for process improvement or a new way to reach prospective clients. There are possibly more efficient ways of conducting an aspect of your business and recent college graduates are the perfect people to help you discover them. A common ideal is that it never hurts to have a fresh pair of eyes review your work to be sure you haven’t missed anything, and that applies to companies as well.

A Global View

The world is getting smaller by the minute, and with the Internet, we’re able to be connected to someone across the globe instantly. Even if you’re a local business, thinking on how to appeal to a diverse client base is important in the cultural melting pot of America. Maybe your business is on the verge of expanding and are looking to open your first overseas office. If you’re a multi-national corporation, chances are if you’re looking for individuals with global experience or bilingual skills.

Millennials are the most diverse generation in U.S. history – and likely are more open to cultural experiences as well. Most college graduates have taken at least a semester or two of foreign languages due to university requirements, and many also have study abroad experience. While these skills are not unique to recent graduates, chances are you’ll see these traits on a majority of resumes from recent grads. Whether you’re looking to diversify your workplace, attract new clientele or expand, you will benefit from these skills recent college graduates bring to the table.

A Salary Isn’t Their Only Concern

Salary will never not be important, however with millennials, and recent college graduates, it isn’t the only thing that concerns them when evaluating whether to apply to or accept a job. Despite student loan debt continuing to grow, salary is less important when rating job satisfaction to millennials than it is to baby boomers. 80% of the younger generation is concerned about personal and culture fit while looking for an employer. Many will also take benefits such as healthcare coverage, vacation days and workplace perks (such as free coffee, or a fun break room) into consideration when evaluating reasons for accepting a position.

Younger workers willing to accept a lower salary in exchange for other “perks” shouldn’t mean you will only pay them your bottom dollar figure. However, it does mean that if your company has a great culture fit, you may have a one up in the salary negotiation process. Salary being less of a concern also means that the worker will be less likely to jump at the first higher-dollar offer on the table, especially if they are being nourished at your company.

Willing to Learn and Grow

While a willingness to learn could fall under the ‘enthusiasm’ category, many recent college graduates are eager to apply their knowledge to an organization and make an impact as soon as possible. However, even if the individual has previous experience from internships, chances are they will still be entering your organization in an entry level position.

This isn’t an excuse to pass busy work off on them, but an opportunity to include them in special projects and ask them to help in different areas of the organization where their skills can be put to use. Aiding entry level employees further hone their skills and teaching them about your business will show them why their role is important and why they are needed. Career development is very important to young workers, and by providing them opportunities at your company, you foster their thirst for knowledge and build loyalty. Recent graduates will be open to leaning the specific ways your organization goes about conducting its daily operations, and will catch on faster than an employee who has been using an alternate method for years prior.


By hiring a recent graduate, you’re doing both your company and the individual the opportunity to learn from each other, and improve simultaneously. With knowledge, but less experience, recent graduates will adapt to your workplace, and at the same time, bring you fresh ideas of how to even further improve. It’s truly a win-win situation. At Pascoe Workforce Solutions, we aim to find the best candidate for each of our clients. Whether your organization is looking for an entry level candidate to re-ignite a spark in your organization or a seasoned professional, we’re here to help. Contact us today to find out how our services can benefit your organization.