What to Include in Your Elevator Pitch

When you are looking for a job, you often find yourself in situations where you need to quickly explain who you are and what your purpose is. An elevator pitch is a great way to do this concisely and effectively.


What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech you can use to spark interest in your profession or job opportunities you have. It should be succinct enough for someone to understand the gist of it in the time it takes to ride an elevator- hence its name! Just like any other pitch, it should be tailored to your particular situation and purpose.

Here are 9 things that should be included in your elevator pitch:

  1. Your name: Make sure you introduce yourself and include your full name.
  2. Your skills: Briefly highlight the key skills that set you apart from other applicants and make you stand out for your desired role.
  3. Your experience: Talk about any relevant experience or certifications that would give employers an idea of your qualifications or abilities.
  4. Your achievements: Be sure to mention any important awards or accomplishments to demonstrate
  5. Your professional experience: Talk about any relevant work experiences or training programs that have helped shape your career goals and accomplishments.
  6. Your skill set: Highlight the skill sets that make you unique from other applicants, such as programming languages, database management systems, etc., that give employers an idea of your technical expertise and capabilities.
  7. Your qualifications: Describe any certifications or degrees that you have obtained and how they are beneficial for the job you are applying for.
  8. Your passions: Briefly mention what inspires and motivates you in your professional life and career goals.
  9. Your interests: Talk about hobbies related to the industry or sector of interest, so employers get an idea of what else interests you outside of work.
  10. An open question:  Leave with an open-ended question that shows your willingness to learn more about the company, such as “What do you think makes your company unique?”
  11. A call to action:  To conclude, ask about an interview or having a conversation about the position. Would that be something of interest?
  12. Your contact information: Make sure to include how employers can reach out to you, such as email address, phone number, or website.



An elevator pitch is an effective way to market yourself during job hunting and introduce you to potential employers. By including the above points in your elevator pitch, you are sure to make a positive impression and leave them wanting more!

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