Benefits of Temporary Employment

Previously, we talked about why an employer may be interested in hiring a temporary employee. However, an employee may wonder why they should accept a temporary assignment. While the benefits from a temporary assignment could be questionable to some, there are definitely pros to working short-term jobs.

According to a study by CareerBuilder, temporary employment opportunities are expected to continue to grow into 2019 in multiple industries. Eric Gilpin of CareerBuilder stated that temporary employment is a way for companies to adapt to current market dynamics. He further went on to say, “Two in five U.S. employers expect to hire temporary or contract workers this year, which opens new doors for workers who want to build relationships with different organizations and explore career options.”

Pascoe Workforce Solutions offers a multitude of staffing services to both employers and employees. We serve many clients in different industries and have opportunities for a diverse pool of applicants. Even if you’re looking for a long term career, starting off in a temporary position has benefits and is a path each individual seeking employment should consider. We’re here to outline some of the benefits of temporary assignments.

Fast Way to Gain Experience

Are you a recent graduate? Have you been out of work for a while? Looking to work in between permanent positions? Temporary work can provide solutions to all of these potential resume red flags. Temporary jobs are short term assignments where you can utilize your skills while still looking for a job that suits you. Not only will you have an additional resume builder, you’ll be able to use your talent to help an organization.

Path to a New Industry

Have you been thinking about switching careers but aren’t sure where to start? Are you worried about not enjoying the position after you make the switch? Temporary assignments are a great way to test the waters. Take on a short term assignment related to your new dream job while utilizing the skills you learned in past roles. After all, it would be remiss to forget that your data entry skills you gained while working as a clerk will help you in an accounting role.

You Have a Chance of Being Hired Full Time

From our experience, many employers come to us asking for employees on a Temp-to-Hire basis. So after your assignment is over, if they’re satisfied with your performance the employer will take you on full-time. While this may sound intimidating, it’s always in your best interest to perform a job to the best of your abilities. Even if the job isn’t originally a Temp-to-Hire, if the company sees the value you add to their team they may extend your assignment or offer you a full-time position at the end of your assignment.

At Pascoe Workforce Solutions, we aim to provide job seekers with compatible assignments from reputable employers. Whether you’re looking to start a new career or make a long desired change, let Pascoe Workforce Solutions guide you to the job of your dreams. Contact us today to learn how our staffing solutions can work for you.