Get Your Cover Letter Noticed by Being Clear and Concise

Whether you’re an administrative assistant, a network administrator or a light industrial worker, there is a lot of job competition out there. When employers post a job opening, their inboxes are flooded with hundreds of applications in a day. When they look at your resume, do they get a true sense of who you are?… Read more »

5 Tricky Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them!)

Every business owner knows that the overall success of their company lies in the hands of its employees. It’s their productivity and innovative thinking that keeps the company ahead of the competition. That’s why so many interview questions are personality based. By getting to know how a candidate will react in certain situations, the hiring… Read more »

“Ring, Ring, Ring!” – Top Strategies for a Phone Interview

More and more employers are choosing to narrow down their candidate pools with phone interviews. Whether you’re interviewing for a temporary position or a direct placement opening, you are likely to encounter a hiring team that wants to start out with a phone interview. Phone interviews are quite different than face-to-face interviews. Some candidates think… Read more »

5 Interview Red Flags for Employers

Finding the right candidate can be tough. Through a time consuming, and likely costly, search, you’ve finally narrowed down your candidate pool and are now beginning the in-office interview stage. Congratulations! But now that your choices have narrowed, it’s time to become even more meticulous about which individual you select for your open role. Choosing… Read more »

4 Strategies for Acing your Phone Interview

You’ve sent in your resume, now what? Chances are, the company is going to want to conduct a phone interview with strong candidates they feel could be a fit for their company. Generally phone interviews are used to verify information on the resume, gauge communication skills, learn about individual personality, and decide whether or not… Read more »

5 Questions to Ask in Your Next Professional Job Interview

Many job candidates feel a wave of anxiety before they step into an interview room. Candidates interviewing for professional positions often undergo a rigorous, multi-step interview process. The number one goal of an employer is to see if candidates are a good overall fit for the job, even if the process can be intimidating. When… Read more »

Conquer Your Skills Assessment Test

When you’re a job candidate, chances are you won’t have information on the other job seekers you’re competing with. In today’s job market, it’s safe to say you probably aren’t the only potential employee a company has its eye on. This is why you need to prove that you’re the best. Many employers have one… Read more »