Find the Balance of How Much Time Leaders Should Spend with Employees

Running a profitable business isn’t just about making your clients happy; it’s also about making your workers happy. When it comes to inspiring loyalty and productivity, happy employees are much easier to motivate. When they look to management for guidance and support, they need strong leaders, not overbearing parents. Finding a balancing between working with… Read more »

Have You Identified the Qualities High Performers Need in Your Company?

Any business owner in any industry will tell you – job responsibilities, for both temporary workers and permanent employees, are becoming more skilled and more complex. Your top performers need to have strong communication skills, experience working with diverse teams and able to manage high-tech software. Your employees need to have the skills that will… Read more »

How to Retain Your Star Employees

Any time your best workers quit, it’s frustrating and hard to not take personally. However, the reasons are often more complex than you think.  Sometimes the employee feels that there is no room for advancement or they want to learn more skills and develop their trade. Sometimes employees feel that the workplace culture is no… Read more »

5 Interview Red Flags for Employers

Finding the right candidate can be tough. Through a time consuming, and likely costly, search, you’ve finally narrowed down your candidate pool and are now beginning the in-office interview stage. Congratulations! But now that your choices have narrowed, it’s time to become even more meticulous about which individual you select for your open role. Choosing… Read more »

Why You Should Hire Recent Graduates

Tis the season – the season of graduation. Most colleges across America will be graduating the Class of 2015 in the coming weeks, meaning there will be thousands of additions to the workforce, and thus your applicant pools. Even though more colleges are encouraging, or in some cases requiring, internships, many of these recent graduates… Read more »

4 Advantages of Using Temporary Staffing

Businesses succeed by harnessing creative, inventive ways to progress and grow. The same old hat just doesn’t work in the 21st century. All companies, especially small business and start-ups, must learn to play smart and discover ways to utilize every resource that can boost that bottom line. Enter the temporary employee – a time and… Read more »

Hiring a Supervisor? Top Traits to Look For in Light Industrial Supervisor Positions

When you work with industrial workers and skilled technicians, you have to use a variety of management techniques. To be in charge, and more importantly, in control, of this group, you must simultaneously be “one of the guys” and the one in charge. Industrial managers need to be firm and tough, but understanding. In order… Read more »

How To Keep Good Light Industrial Workers From Leaving

High turn over can not only cost your company productivity, it can cost you profits, as well. In a manufacturing operation, high turn over can be even more costly, because it causes a ripple effect, impacting productivity at all levels. That’s why it is so important to identify your best workers and develop strategies to… Read more »

How To Motivate Your Customer Service Representatives

Customer service can be a challenging career path, but it is also one of the most influential. These frontline employees are the face of your business; they represent your brand and are a direct link to your audience. That’s why a strong customer service team can give your business such a substantial competitive edge. In… Read more »

5 Goal Setting Techniques For 2015

Smart business owners are those who look ahead. The minutia of day-to-day business life doesn’t burden CEOs, managers and other leaders. They are focused on big picture issues that impact the longevity of their business. By setting goals for both themselves and their companies, managers can energize their staff, motivate employees and inspire clients. Setting… Read more »