Find the Balance of How Much Time Leaders Should Spend with Employees

Running a profitable business isn’t just about making your clients happy; it’s also about making your workers happy. When it comes to inspiring loyalty and productivity, happy employees are much easier to motivate. When they look to management for guidance and support, they need strong leaders, not overbearing parents. Finding a balancing between working with… Read more »

4 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

A healthy work-life balance may have a different meaning to each individual. Some choose to work to live, while others live to work. Enjoying your job is important (and we love hearing about our successful placements), but as more people are putting in extra hours during the week, or are constantly checking work e-mail via… Read more »

Benefits of Temporary Employment

Previously, we talked about why an employer may be interested in hiring a temporary employee. However, an employee may wonder why they should accept a temporary assignment. While the benefits from a temporary assignment could be questionable to some, there are definitely pros to working short-term jobs. According to a study by CareerBuilder, temporary employment… Read more »

Job Search With Social Media

We’re living in the age of the smartphone and social networking sites. While many individuals are using these technologies for their personal entertainment, the trend is moving to where social media is growing more popular for professional purposes. This is very important for job seekers to keep in mind, especially as many recruiters, including us… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Your Job Search Strategy

Sometimes, we open our doors and opportunity is standing there, and sometimes we have to go out and hunt for it. For many job seekers, searching for the right employment opportunity can take more hunting than planned. When the job search stalls out, you may feel as if your whole life, not just your career,… Read more »

Resume Objective: Yay or Nay?

If you’ve been job hunting, there’s no doubt you’ve been working very closely with your resume. Your resume gives you the opportunity to showcase why you’re the best person for the job. Even though we recently provided you with a Resume Cheat Sheet, we didn’t touch upon one of the biggest resume questions that seem… Read more »

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Writing a Resume

Think of your resume like a story – your story, in fact. It is the tale of your professional experience and work ethic. You want that story to be good, as it conveys your potential value to a hiring team or prospective employer. A professional, polished resume opens the doors to possibilities. However, that resume… Read more »

How To Motivate Your Light Industrial Employees

Light industrial work can be a challenging career path, but it is also very rewarding. Light industrial workers are the gears that keep the whole company moving. However, when these jobs sometimes get repetitive, your crew can lose focus and motivation. When this happens, you risk seeing a shortage in productivity and job satisfaction. Motivating… Read more »

5 Soft Skills Employers Look for In Engineers

Engineering jobs come with a variety of heavy responsibilities from high-tech programming to working with specialized equipment. In addition to those duties, engineers will also need to be able to successfully manage day-to-day routines and navigate complex professional situations. For those responsibilities, both permanent and temporary employees will need a wide variety of soft skills…. Read more »

How to Bridge a Skills Gap in Your Manufacturing Company

Your company needs certain skills to boost productivity and increase profits. However, when you look around your warehouse, you may have trouble finding them in your employees. For many manufacturing businesses, long-term success heavily rests on the ability of workers to produce and adapt during changing times. The sustainability of your business can be at… Read more »