5 Management Tips For Your Engineering Team

Some managers come up through the technical ranks, while others have been brought in because of their experience or education managing people and projects. Regardless of how you got here, here you are, and your job has two major priorities: getting the most out of your team and getting the project done right.

When you work with engineers, you have to use a variety of management techniques. First, you need to rely on what you see. Notice the traits and behaviors of your top performers. Second, remember that analysis is just as important as observation. What does an employee look like on paper? Are they meeting their quotas? Using statistics and observations can help you develop management techniques that keep your team motivated and productive.

5 Management Tips For Your Engineering Team

Hold frequent one-on-one meetings.

Taking the time to conduct conversational performance reviews will not only reveal the employee’s individual progress, but will also let you examine how a project is moving as a whole. By understanding your team’s individual strengths and weaknesses you can assign future tasks that are more satisfying to your engineers and more successful for the entire company.

Give your staff authority in their jobs.

Can you work with your boss breathing down your neck? How can you feel confident in your own skills if your manager always acts like he or she could do a better job? Relax and step back. Check in and observe from a distance, but let your engineers hold responsibility for their own tasks. That way they’ll find the success of the whole project to be more fulfilling.

Create a motivating work environment.

There’s an old saying – treat people the way you want to be treated. However, if you want to be a successful manager, you should really treat people the way they want to be treated. Take yourself out of the equation. What do your engineers need to be efficient, effective and productive? Studies have shown time and time again that employees who are satisfied with their workplace environment get more done, have more pride in their job and collaborate better on team projects.

Communicate with your staff before taking on additional projects.

There’s a new project coming up, but the current one is far from completed. Talk to your staff and find out their commitments and workload before agreeing to a new project. Let your engineers have a say in the proposed workflow process, discussing, instead of telling, what it will take to get a project completed in a certain amount of time. Even if the final decision from upstairs differs from theirs, they will be thankful knowing you listened to their opinions and their voices were heard.

Use technology to log events and feedback.

Engineers, no matter the kind, are typically an analytical bunch. They are problem solvers and critical thinkers. They enjoy watching their own progress unfold, and find satisfaction when they can spot their handprint on a successful project. Give them the kind of feedback that reflects this. Engineers appreciate technology, so giving them performance reviews that they can track will keep them informed, inspired and motivated.

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