4 Ways To Go From “Temp” To “Hired”

For some job seekers, temporary positions help them make extra cash or try out living in a new city. However, most of these contract workers are hoping that this temporary might turn into a permanent job opportunity. That why many positions offered through Pascoe Workforce Solutions are called temp-to-hire. These are opportunities for management to see if a candidate is the right fit, both for the job and the office culture.

It’s up to you, the job candidate, to secure that permanent position. You will need to work masterfully and show well you fit in to the office culture. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips for turning that temp job into a long-term career.

Be 100% reliable

Many people think being reliable simply means being on time. You show up when you should and you meet deadlines when you should. However, being reliable and being known for being reliable are two different things. You’ll need to be able to talk to your coworkers, working together to get a job done on time. You’ll also want to accept a few additional assignments or tasks, letting management see that you are reliable in a pinch.

Be 100% enthusiastic

If you want this to be a permanent job, then you’ll need to act like it – now. Come early, stay late, show extra commitment and interest in what you do. Support the company’s vision or mission. Find ways to consistently support your supervisors and coworkers and be proactive at coming up with new ideas or opportunities for growth. Be excited to be a part of this company and the hiring team will know you are vested in this job.

Be 100% connected

Networking inside and outside an organization is a great way to move from a temp position to a permanent one. Interact with the professionals in your workforce and engage with management on a one-on-one basis. You could even make friends with a few of your coworkers, and be sure to get to know their interests and potential opportunities. You’ll also need to be sure to stay connected with all your contacts, even when you are no longer looking for a job.

Be 100% qualified

Show them your skills and knowledge, and not just the ones applicable to this job. If you continuously go above and beyond, you’ll get a chance to demonstrate transferable skills that make you more useful than your employer imagined. The more useful you are, the more qualified you appear. For example, if you’re in accounting, be sure to show your legal knowledge. Or, when you temp as an administrative assistant, be sure to showcase your technology skills.

Think of a temporary job like an audition. Management is watching your every move, deciding if you will be the best fit for the part. You may not always get a permanent offer, but don’t worry. There are plenty of employment opportunities at Pascoe Workforce Solutions. We get to know you, so we can match your career skills, needs and desires with employers all over the country. Contact us today and let our elite staffing recruiters get you started on your next career path.