4 Ways to Advance Your IT Career

team-meeting-1458975-640x480With more than a decade of recruiting expertise, Pascoe Workforce Solutions has helped many information technology (IT) professionals find greater job satisfaction and more motivation. We have been able to accomplish this by assisting these individuals in finding both temporary jobs and direct hire positions. Many job seekers we have worked with were looking for a different environment to utilize their skills, while others wished to start climbing the leadership ladder.

When you feel complaisant in your career, you can grow bored, disinterested, and get burned out. In order to avoid this, there must be opportunities to move forward. Sometimes positions open internally, and you may be able to apply internally to and be accepted for the position. Yet more often than not, you’ll need to seek out external opportunities to advance your career. Either way, here are a few ways you can advance your IT career:

Utilize Your Network

If doors aren’t opening at your current job, perhaps it’s time to check in with your professional network and see what opportunities they may be able to connect you to. If you haven’t worked on building your network, connect with other IT professionals on LinkedIn, at community meetings and during professional development opportunities such as seminars. Chances are, the next step on your career path can be one or two colleagues away.

Extend Your Responsibilities

Ask your supervisor if it would be possible for you to take on more responsibilities. If there isn’t an opportunity to move up at your current organization, see how you can alter your current position to take on more leadership responsibilities. Even if you won’t have a new title or pay raise just yet, building experience will benefit you when it comes time for an evaluation or when applying for new positions.

Stay Current on Industry Trends

In order to get ahead in any career field, it’s important to stay current on your industry. This is especially true in IT, when the outlook is changing regularly. Set up Google Alerts or follow industry leaders on Social Media, such as Twitter, or LinkedIn to receive instant news and learn about new insights and advances.

Earn Certifications

Add to your experience and expertise by pursing chances to get more training and additional certifications. The stronger and more robust your credentials, the more likely you are to qualify for a higher paying job. Combine your tech certifications with leadership training to give added depth to your skill set.

If you want to advance your IT career, most importantly, you need to put business over technology. You’ve got to think of ways to use your specialized expertise to boost profits and improve the company’s bottom line. Whether you’re a permanent or contingent employee, demonstrate to your employer that you understand the connection between technology and business success.

Bonus Tip:

Don’t forget to focus on important soft skills. Leaders in Information Technology need to be good collaborators, great facilitators and excellent communicators. Take advantage of opportunities to work on special projects or learn new skills. Making yourself a versatile, responsible employee is the ticket to advancing your career.

If you’re ready to discover the path to an IT job that brings you more satisfaction and meaning, then it’s time to contact us! We believe a job is more than just a way to pay the bills; it is a challenging and rewarding way to live your life.