7 Tips to Holding More Productive Meetings

In today’s workplace, the average worker spends time in a variety of meetings. Meetings can be an effective way to share information and make decisions, but when not held properly, they can become unproductive and counter-intuitive.   To ensure maximum productivity and efficiency, here are seven tips on how to hold more productive meetings: 1. […]

Should You Hire a Recruiter?

It can feel overwhelming to start the job hunt. Taking charge of your career, networking with employers, and jumping through all of the hoops that come along with moving up in your field can be an intimidating process. But finding a great opportunity isn’t something you have to tackle alone. Choosing to hire a recruiter […]

Building Your Professional Network

If you’re looking for a job, it’s important to build your professional network. The more people you know in your field, the more opportunities will come your way.  This article will discuss tips and tricks for building your professional network and how it can benefit you. What is a professional network? A professional network is […]

Top 10 Ways to Show Your Boss Appreciation 

Whether it’s taking on extra work or simply saying thank you, these ideas will help you show your boss appreciation. Check out the list and see which ones fit best for you!   1. Take on extra work. If your boss is looking for someone to take on additional responsibility, volunteer! Showing that you’re willing […]

Workplace Trends You’ll Start to Notice in 2023

Are you curious about what the workplace will look like in five years? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a list of the top trends that will start to emerge in 2023. Keep reading to learn more!   1. Flexible work hours One of the biggest trends we’ll see in 2023 is a move towards […]

How to Deal with a Negative Coworker

It’s happened to all of us at some point in our careers – we’re stuck working with a negative coworker. No matter how hard we try, they always seem to find something to complain about. Dealing with these types of people can be difficult, but it’s important not to let them get the best of […]