4 Strategies for Acing your Phone Interview

You’ve sent in your resume, now what? Chances are, the company is going to want to conduct a phone interview with strong candidates they feel could be a fit for their company. Generally phone interviews are used to verify information on the resume, gauge communication skills, learn about individual personality, and decide whether or not… Read more »

10 Ways to Conquer Stress at Work

We get it, sometimes it’s hard to handle stress at work. However, working while stressed can negatively impact the outcome of your projects and decrease productivity overall. With summer on the way, it may seem like you’re rushing to finish up projects before the kids get out of school, you take your much earned vacation,… Read more »

4 Ways to Establish and Showcase Company Culture

The word ‘culture’ may have a broad meaning, however in the workplace it’s something HR professionals and executives should keep on their radar. A company culture encompasses many aspects of the organization, but primarily addresses the work environment and the values of individuals employed at the company. While many company cultures may be similar, it… Read more »

Conquer Your Skills Assessment Test

When you’re a job candidate, chances are you won’t have information on the other job seekers you’re competing with. In today’s job market, it’s safe to say you probably aren’t the only potential employee a company has its eye on. This is why you need to prove that you’re the best. Many employers have one… Read more »

How to Handle Your Company in 2015

Even though the popular saying may be “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” sometimes it’s imperative that your company looks forward and at least considers embracing change. If your current strategy of how to bring awareness to your company looks the same in 2015 as did in 2005, or worse 1995, you’re going about… Read more »

Education for Careers and Employment

Education is said to be an investment in your future. There are many reasons to get an education, but one of the most convincing reasons is to better prepare yourself for a career. In today’s job market, candidates want to stand out as much as possible, but even with all the experience in the world,… Read more »

4 Advantages of Using Temporary Staffing

Businesses succeed by harnessing creative, inventive ways to progress and grow. The same old hat just doesn’t work in the 21st century. All companies, especially small business and start-ups, must learn to play smart and discover ways to utilize every resource that can boost that bottom line. Enter the temporary employee – a time and… Read more »

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Writing a Resume

Think of your resume like a story – your story, in fact. It is the tale of your professional experience and work ethic. You want that story to be good, as it conveys your potential value to a hiring team or prospective employer. A professional, polished resume opens the doors to possibilities. However, that resume… Read more »

How To Keep Good Light Industrial Workers From Leaving

High turn over can not only cost your company productivity, it can cost you profits, as well. In a manufacturing operation, high turn over can be even more costly, because it causes a ripple effect, impacting productivity at all levels. That’s why it is so important to identify your best workers and develop strategies to… Read more »