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So you’ve been let go from your job. Maybe it was a layoff, or maybe you were terminated. Now what are you supposed to do? It can happen to the best of us. You aren’t the first person, and certainly won’t be the last, to experience an employment discharge. Sometimes it can be expected, or… Read more »

Hiring a great employee is only half the battle, keeping them is the real challenge. Even as unemployment decreases in the United States, the truth is that many employed individuals are seeking to change their jobs. Many employed individuals are actively seeking a job, are passively looking to see what other opportunities are available –… Read more »

Tis the season – the season of graduation. Most colleges across America will be graduating the Class of 2015 in the coming weeks, meaning there will be thousands of additions to the workforce, and thus your applicant pools. Even though more colleges are encouraging, or in some cases requiring, internships, many of these recent graduates… Read more »

You’ve sent in your resume, now what? Chances are, the company is going to want to conduct a phone interview with strong candidates they feel could be a fit for their company. Generally phone interviews are used to verify information on the resume, gauge communication skills, learn about individual personality, and decide whether or not… Read more »

Stay interviews can save your organization a lot of trouble later on. If you work in a Human Resources (HR) or managerial role, chances are you’re familiar with exit interviews, which are generally conducted after an employee gives a notice of quitting. On the contrary, stay interviews are held with current employees in order evaluate… Read more »

We get it, sometimes it’s hard to handle stress at work. However, working while stressed can negatively impact the outcome of your projects and decrease productivity overall. With summer on the way, it may seem like you’re rushing to finish up projects before the kids get out of school, you take your much earned vacation,… Read more »

The word ‘culture’ may have a broad meaning, however in the workplace it’s something HR professionals and executives should keep on their radar. A company culture encompasses many aspects of the organization, but primarily addresses the work environment and the values of individuals employed at the company. While many company cultures may be similar, it… Read more »

Many job candidates feel a wave of anxiety before they step into an interview room. Candidates interviewing for professional positions often undergo a rigorous, multi-step interview process. The number one goal of an employer is to see if candidates are a good overall fit for the job, even if the process can be intimidating. When… Read more »

When you’re a job candidate, chances are you won’t have information on the other job seekers you’re competing with. In today’s job market, it’s safe to say you probably aren’t the only potential employee a company has its eye on. This is why you need to prove that you’re the best. Many employers have one… Read more »

Even though the popular saying may be “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” sometimes it’s imperative that your company looks forward and at least considers embracing change. If your current strategy of how to bring awareness to your company looks the same in 2015 as did in 2005, or worse 1995, you’re going about… Read more »