Running a profitable business isn’t just about making your clients happy; it’s also about making your workers happy. When it comes to inspiring loyalty and productivity, happy employees are much easier to motivate. When they look to management for guidance and support, they need strong leaders, not overbearing parents.

Finding a balancing between working with your employees and working for your employees is the hallmark of a great leader. Great leaders observe their workers, focusing on teaching and guiding, and emphasizing the development of their employees over the bottom line. However, if you spend too much time with your employees, you might miss out on the bigger picture. Here are a few tips to keep it all in balance.

Focus on individual skills

Working on the development of each individual worker means providing the support and encouragement they need to perform at their best. When you work next to an employee, you get a good idea of their individual style and ethic. Then take a step back; let your leadership style show people they are valued for those skills.

Provide objective guidance

When managers infrequently check in on their employees or, worse, breathe down their necks, employees are not empowered to be responsible for their work. Work with your staff through steps and stages, then let them take control once they’ve shown they’re capable of making the best choices.

Emphasize the big picture and leave the details

Your employees know their job duties and have access to the tools needed to accomplish these tasks. As a leader, you can keep your employees working toward the overall goal, while they control the daily minutia. You could dictate each step, but your employees might feel ineffective. After working with your staff, you discover their strengths and weaknesses, which allows you to give your employees choose their own path.

Motivate more than dictate

While everyone needs to understand the overall company objectives, leaders who balance the time spent with employees know how to motivate the whole team, as opposed to simply dictate duties. You can inspire loyalty and dedication by not only learning about them and monitoring them, but by ultimately giving them autonomy for the task at hand. Turnover can be reduced and better quality work can be produced when management focuses on motivation.

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